You work hard.  You give your best and your all.  You attend industry conferences, participate in team trainings, and invest in professional development.  You go above and beyond what’s expected, all for the love of your profession, the people you serve and for that feeling of sweet satisfaction and fulfillment that’s supposed to fill you up after a hard day’s work.  The problem is, you end most days feeling emotionally drained.

Growing up on a small North Dakota dairy farm, the promise I inherited was that working really hard was the path to feeling worthy, satisfied and ultimately, fulfilled.  So, when I set out on my own, I worked really hard. No matter my circumstances, my go-to strategy was to just put my head down and work even harder.  Nevertheless, that full sense of worthiness and fulfillment alluded me for many years.  I, too went to bed at night feeling exhausted and emotionally drained, and would silently criticize and judge myself for not working hard enough to feel fulfilled.  Worse yet, I built up a lot of resentment over the years because the promise wasn’t playing out as true for me. 

Wanting to let go of that resentment…

became the catalyst for working on myself, during which I learned that as well intentioned as it was, the promise I inherited was ever so slightly flawed.  You see, there’s a difference between working really hard to feel worthy of yourself and working really hard to be the unique expression of yourself.  You weren’t handed down the skill set for the latter but, you have the wisdom, determination and resourcefulness to learn it with the right support.  I’m here to be that support.

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"There are moments in life when you feel stuck, lost or unsure and have trouble moving forward. Then, something happens and it seems to be solved but eventually you find yourself again in the same situation. In order to overcome it you need to get to the root cause and this is where Mary Jo gets into play. She walks with you in this crucial path towards discovery and self-enlightening. She is the perfect companion for the journey, helping with the navigation to connect to a deeper part of yourself. Eye-opening experience”.
Ferran Contell
"Mary Jo's wealth of knowledge has been helpful. She pushed me farther than I would have ever taken myself. There are trouble issues I've had that I didn't even realize were holding me back from being a badass business woman. I now have much greater awareness of those issues and can push through them when they arise. That alone has been money well spent!"
Angie Gross
Angie Gross Coaching
"I have had a chronic need to be busy and to do, do, not settle down til the end of the day in order to prove my worthiness. And now I have a sense of clarity, presence and peace that I haven't felt in a very long time. If you're ready to invest in yourself and find your sense of worth, Mary Jo is the invitation to go there!"
Lea Black
Lea Black Photography
"Mary Jo has a genuine gift and passion for helping women. I'm so grateful our paths crossed and I was the recipient of her gifted passion. It will always be a defining mile marker on my journey to fulfill my purpose in the work I love. "
Roberta Spitzer
Wake Up To Life Wellness and Nutrition Coaching
“My daughter has blossomed from her sessions with you. She’s more focused, more intentional and more confident. So much progress has been made! She has learned so much about herself. She owns her thoughts. She has more control of her thoughts and has the tools to work through them now. It’s not always easy, but you put the right tools in her toolkit.”
Tammy Ibach
Grateful Mom
"Mary Jo spoke at a board meeting I facilitate for a group of high-caliber business professionals. Her practical yet powerful message of embracing an abundance mindset resonated with the board! Members left with actionable ideas for living in abundance."
Jeanne Masseth
Legacy Talent Development
"As a leadership coach and speaker, I've done a lot of personal development training over the years. I'm grateful for my awareness, but even coaches need coaches. Thank you, Mary Jo for your guidance in creating clarity for me and lighting the way for new professional opportunities for my business."
Jodee Bock
Bock's Office Transformational Consulting
"The Eliminating STRESS With The Power Of Thought Program has been a wonderful addition to my life."
Kat's Socks
"This has helped me make some important decisions about my business - what I need to give more attention to and that which I can let go. I have more clarity than I have had in many months and feel empowered to stand in my power as a business owner."
Marci Narum
Inspired Woman, LLC
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