Mary Jo Van Horn

Motivational Speaker + Life Purpose Coach

Mary Jo Van Horn

Motivational Speaker + Life Purpose Coach

Transform Guilt, Anger and Fear into Gratitude, Connection and Self-Empowerment

 Feeling guilty, angry or fearful is a sign it's time for an awakening!

Awakening begins with noticing more of what you normally ignore, beginning with your Self.

There's the YOU that you think you are...

The YOU that beats yourself up when things don't go your way.

The YOU that thinks things are the way they are and there's nothing you can do about it.

The YOU that believes if you're not stressed out, you haven't tried hard enough.

The YOU that yearns for a life change but fears the possibility of losing friends, making less money or making a wrong decision.

And there's the YOU that you need to become to transform your fear into the powerful realization of gratitude, connection and self-empowerment.

The space in between is your gap.

I help fill in your gap

So you can... 


WAKE UP and see and feel everything, with a crystal clear, intense awareness 

FOLLOW THROUGH with action and a perspective of compassion 

LIVE your best life  

 When you work with me you get high energy guidance and support for saying yes to the flow of life. 

Are you ready to WAKE UP and start living your best life?

CLICK HERE to schedule your free WAKE UP strategy call with me.  We'll identify your obstacles and plan out your most meaningful path  to transforming guilt, anger or fear into gratitude, connection and 


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"I didn't feel I did things right and that I was always goofing up."

"I have had issues where I felt "stuck".  

I didn't feel I did things right and that I was always goofing up.  I have done a lot of healing on myself to this point but I could still feel something was not complete where I was stuck. 

After my Life Purpose session with Mary Jo, that changed for me. 

I now feel confident, that I matter in this world and that I am loved by family and friends.  

I am also able to love myself. 

My life feels so amazing now and I am so excited to see where I can go on this journey and how God will use me as his vessel to help others!"

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