Growing up on a small dairy farm

I subconsciously learned that life meant working hard, that money didn't come easy, and that someone like me didn't deserve a vacation.

When things showed up as

The exact opposite later in my adulthood, I subconsciously sabotaged my efforts so that my results lined up with what I believed to be true for me.

Feeling stressed out, resentful and sad

I made the decision to work on myself.  I learned how to let go of stress and worry.  I got crystal clear on what I really wanted and how to use the power of intention to bring it into my reality.

As I did my inner work, I came to know my life's purpose.

I came to know that my life's purpose is to teach others that they are worthy of all abundance just because they were born.  By abundance, I mean a full sense of self-worth, self-respect and self-love.   

Want to know your life's purpose?