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Growing up on a small dairy farm

I subconsciously learned that life meant working hard, that money didn't come easy, and that someone like me didn't deserve a vacation.

When things showed up as the

Exact opposite later in my adulthood, I sub-consciously sabotaged my efforts so that my results lined up with what I believed to be true for me.

Feeling stressed out, resentful and sad

I made the decision to work on myself.  I learned how to let go of stress and worry.  I got crystal clear on what I really wanted and how to use the power of intention to bring it into my reality.

As I did my inner work, I came to know my life's purpose.

I came to know that my life's purpose is to teach others that they are worthy of all abundance just because they were born.  By abundance, I mean a full sense of self-worth, self-respect and self-love.  This was an awakening of epic proportion!

I woke up and stopped dismissing, ignoring and stuffing down my emotions that didn't feel good.  In doing so, I transformed from...

needing medication for high blood pressure and to sleep, a daily diet of gossip, soda, comfort food and alcohol, investing in strategy after strategy



 normal blood pressure and sleeping soundly without medication, rarely drinking soda, no longer drinking alcohol, eating healthy foods, drinking more than enough water each day, and doing work that I love.

Yes, it took a lot of courage to let go of guilt, anger and resentment but that is the only way to transform with confidence, clarity and ease.  It all starts with becoming consciously aware of your life's purpose.

What I'm most proud of is how effortlessly I am modeling living my life's purpose for my family and clients.

I'd love for you to live your life's purpose, too!

Listen in as I reveal your life's purpose in the audio below.