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How Our Thoughts Create Our Stress-Related Symptoms

The Missing Piece For Stress Relief

Learn the piece that's missing from almost all other stress management books, talks and programs.  

9-Month Empowered Life Purpose Experience

Jump Start Session


 Jump Start your virtual 9-month  private coaching experience with a  75-minute virtual session with Mary Jo Van Horn for clarity on your life's purpose, life purpose statement and your life's mission.

Virtual Coaching Sessions


Optimizing your understanding of universal concepts builds the foundation for your life purpose transformation and evolution during our (15) fifteen 45-minute virtual  sessions via the Zoom video/audio platform.

Guided Meditation Recordings


Release your emotional triggers, stress and anxiety with our set of three guided meditation recordings available online or for download.    

Life Purpose Journal


Create a sacred place for journaling your Life Purpose plan, Life Purpose statement, intentions and priority actions with your customized Life Purpose Journal.  

Future Self Constellation


Witness the energy of your future self and their message to your present day self during your recorded virtual Energy Constellation session.

Aroma Freedom Session


  Experience the power of scent to shift awareness from  the negative to the positive during your Aroma Freedom virtual session with a certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner.

If you're interested in working with Mary Jo Van Horn to...

Speak your truth without shame, blame or guilt

Serve the people you're meant to serve

Clearly communicate your needs and expectations to others

Forgive one or more family members (including yourself)

Grow closer to the truth of who you are and why you're here

Live your life's purpose in a way that brings great JOY to yourself and others

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